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Make your vision of the web evolve by bringing a new relationship with your customers.

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Rely on a powerful and operational digital tool with infinite possibilities

ID Webshop is an accessible content management system (CMS) that allows you to manage and create ticket and subscription sales, product sales, add explanatory pages, add blog posts, while being configurable in different languages through a dynamic and super powerful backoffice.

  • Create custom online stores with a design that meets your requirements.
  • Design of a site at the forefront of web technology
  • Configuration of your articles, subscriptions or tickets for sale
  • Configuration of pages and blog posts
  • IDMobile support available at all times
  • Addition of Mobile ID technology
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+ Subscription sales
+ Sale of physical products
+ Sale of reservations
+ Sale of events
+ Configure the checkout experience
+ Inventory management
+ Reservation configuration
+ Translations and static pages
+ Image library
+ Define your pricing strategy
+ Mass import/export
  • Create your webshop simply to diversify your sales channels

  • 1I buy my ticket
  • 2I receive my ticket by SMS
  • 3I store the information digitally
  • 4I get scanned at the entrance of the event
  • 5They thank me by SMS

Easy payments

Payment can be made in several installments, payment by SMS on credit with all mobile operators, payment by credit card, or other online payment platforms like PayPal, etc.

Associated with physical marketing

Physical cards with a scannable QR Code are a possibility proposed by ID Webshop for a membership campaign. New customers will be identified by QR Code from their physical card and will instantly benefit from a digital card controllable directly on a web browser from their smartphone. Posters with a QR Code that redirects to a webshop correspond to the new consumer requirements. A way to be visible and to bring a marketing action in the sight of your target audience. The posters can be configured directly in the ID Webshop system. Translated with (free version)

The data is yours. Learn and evolve your actions.

The sale of subscriptions and tickets are adaptable: dates, ages, prices, quantities, activation time, number of activations, choice of payment, choice of services, discount offered according to your choice, etc.

  • Import/Export your customer file
  • Manage your statistics, registrations, unsubscriptions, consumption, sales and turnover
  • Configure your custom criteria: address, region, interests, hobbies, etc.
  • Configure your own customer segmentation (VIP members, standard members, staff)
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