The only turnkey platform to design and organize your event.

Manage your events by designing your website which will present your ticketing, your presentation page, your goodies and much more!

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A smart webshop that doesn't just sell tickets!

Creating a ticketing system, products, information pages, it's easy and quick. The customer could receive a ticket with an advantage or a simple text message that will redirect him to the ticket sales page to choose his seat. Thanks to the QR code on the ticket, all he has to do is show his smartphone to gain access to the event.

  • Create customised online shops with a design that meets your requirements.
  • Design of a site at the forefront of web technology.
  • Configuration of your tickets and/or articles for sale
  • Unlimited creation of scanning points
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Configure tickets

Define the tickets as you wish. Set them up for the morning, evening, weekend or the whole festival with stock and room limitations. Everything is possible.

Controlling the flow of people

Scanned tickets will allow you to keep track of each person to offer them a tailored service. Scanning also allows you to direct people at events to the right places. Differentiated scanning points will allow you to manage the masses at shows or events.

Display ID event

Generic posters designed with the ID Event service are accessible with a QR Code allowing anyone arriving at the event to scan the poster to access the web page of your choice (event information or registration page among others).


ID Event Licences

The products are designed to be combined