Big Open Day at the FAIRPLAY TENNIS Center in Puidoux on Saturday August 20th!

Register below and participate in the popular tournament of your choice (padel or squash) organized by the center.

With your registration, you will receive an exceptional 20% voucher at the OLIVER and DropShot booths valid only during the open house.

The badminton courts are open and accessible during the day.

Equipment (rackets, balls, shuttlecocks, squash shoes) will be provided free of charge for the different sports.

On the program:

 ☕️ 8:30-10:00 am coffee and croissant offered.
- 8h30-12h00: Padel or squash tournament
- 13h00-17h00: Possibility to try padel for free with a coach to explain the rules and how to play

- 17h00-18h00: Aperitif offered to all
- 18h00: Paëlla CHF 16.- on registration and obligatory payment in advance through the link in the form below.

We are looking forward to seeing you all!

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